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Australian Curriculum

Being an international school, Richmondd Global School follows the Primary Concept Driven Project Based Learning and Implementation Programme (PPBLI). The programme, being of international standards, is culturally sensitive and includes excellent teaching and assessment resources. It also includes features laid down by CIE & QCA, U.K. and involves a range of teaching learning techniques with practical approach at every stage of learning. The main focus is to develop children into independent learners by giving them an environment that provides them ample knowledge, experience and platform for extension activities. We encourage students to approach learning through research and enquiry. The important aspects of learning are achieved through curriculum integration, which is theme based and enables the students to reach beyond the scope of the standard curriculum. The school is affiliated with CBSE till Senior Secondary level and CBSE curriculum is followed from Std. IX onwards. The curriculum at Richmondd has specific features at every level-

  • Pre primary Curriculum
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Senior Secondary