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Opening Minds. Opening Avenues.
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Global Partnership & Collaborations
Australian High Commission Project:   global partnership
Clean Up the World Campaign  
Being extremely environment friendly and ecologically conscious Richmondd Global School took the initiative of being the aware partner of Australian High Commission funded project: “Clean up the world”. It aims at preservation of the ecological balance of nature in today's fast tech world.
Tony Blair's:   global partnership
Face to faith foundation in collaboration with British Council India  
Tony Blair faith foundation is to promote respect and understanding between major religions, to reframe faith as a force for good and to show this in action by encouraging interfaith initiatives to tackle global poverty and conflict. They have traveled to over 15 countries and collaborated with Richmondd Global School as one of the face to faith school.
Thinking, Reflecting and Taking Action for a Sustainable Habitat. (TRASH)   global partnership
Richmondd Global School is committed to being a zero garbage school. Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Ministry of Environment and Forests, involved the school in 2008-09 in its pilot project working towards environmentally sound school campuses and many activities like paper recycling etc. School has received The Best Performing School Trophy from Hon'ble C.M. of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dixit at the successful Grand Finale of the first phase of project SEARCH.