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Mid day Meals

Richmondd Global School has a special provision for the mid day meals. These meals are planned by nutritionists and prepared in very hygienic conditions considering the balanced diet requirements of the growing children.
VISION: Healthy and active younger generation
MISSION: Enabling children to get maximum benefits from the learning environment by increasing their activeness and by maintaining the required nutrition level appropriate for their age.


  • To promote good health
  • To provide a balanced meal which improves concentration and learning
  • To minimize the existing high rate of malnourishment among school children
  • To upgrade the nutritional level of children in economically marginalized families
  • To give children a sense of security and stability through regular meals and an established routine
  • To expose children to the enjoyment of variety
  • To provide guidance to eat a balanced diet
  • To inculcate Table Manners

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