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Message from CEO

rishabh gupta

The worth of any nation is determined by the quality of its education. The higher the quality of education, the greater the prosperity and progress of the nation. Education is an important tool for uplifting the Indian society from the state of slavery to an independent and largely self-sufficient status. Since education is expected to cater to the needs and requirements of the contemporary society, every educational institution has to keep updating its curriculum, methodology and perspective. It is here that the need of a unique institution is felt.

R.G.S is a unique institution in the sense that it walks a few extra miles to ensure that the students are not only trained for living but are prepared for facing the eventualities and challenges of life with best of their abilities. Teachers here are not just trainers but facilitators in the process of learning or acquisition of knowledge. Education here is not cramming a pile of facts but acquiring wisdom that equips the young minds to take up the responsibility of the real transformation in tastes, temperaments and habits.

R.G.S believes in the time tested theory that our thoughts govern our actions which in turn affect our habits which in the long run shape and mould our character which is the ultimate determinant of success. It, therefore, gives top priority to the formation of good habits and engagement of children in the activities which are highly enjoyable and productive. With this perspective R.G.S aims at reaching the greatest heights of success and glory in the arena of teaching and learning.

Mr. Rishabh Gupta


Vice Chairperson


Dr.Jane Menzies