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Senior Manager's Message

Dear Sir/Madam

senior manager

Thank you for showing an interest in Richmondd Global Group. We appreciate your intent on being a part of the innovative global education provider of the country and for your curiosity in starting Richmondd Global School in your region.

Richmondd Global School is an initiative of Mata Krishna Wanti Memorial Educational Society, India, registered in 1987, a highly experienced organisation that practices global education in the country. The initiative primarily delivers Australian designed curriculum with a European touch while focusing on Indian Values.

According to the international statistics, the number of the working population as well as women at child-bearing age is growing rapidly. But there is still a shortage of quality schools in India. We believe Richmondd Global Group will play a catalytic role in bringing revolution in global and inclusive education. It will have a significant and lasting impact on future availability of intellectual and creative citizens in the country.

Please find enclosed a brief presentation on Richmondd Global School and other details about our Franchise Program. These would help you get a broad understanding of our organisation model and commitment to provide quality education in the country.

Please feel free to ask anything or write if you need any further information.

Warm regards


Varinder Arora
Senior Manager (Global Public Relations)
Mobile: +91-9999981703 Email: richmonddglobalgroup@gmail.com